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Get ready for some serious AnimeConUK spoilers. As the UK’s biggest showcase of Anime pop culture, we have all the inside knowledge on the industry.

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We are the go-to event for the awesome otaku generation. Super excited to debut at the largest exhibition venue in the UK - the NEC - from Saturday 17th - Sunday 18th June. Come join us! Buy tickets here.

Across two absolutely LEGENDARY days, we’ve got an extensive list of international guests and exhibitors. You’ll see Maile Flanagan and Demon Slayer’s Zach Aguilar, Chainsaw Man’s Ryan Colt Levy, Lanie, The Emberwolf, F.ukuro, Joshua Dunlop, Hugo Pang and soooo much more to come.

Look out for exclusive announcements. RIGHT HERE. And get your tickets here.

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The UK's Largest Anime Manga + Kpop Expo

AnimeCon UK Guidelines for a good time

Coming to AnimeCon UK? Here is everything you need to know to make the most out of the two anime-filled days.


Bring a refillable water bottle: You’ll be on your feet and moving about for most of the day, sometimes even waiting in line. Stay hydrated and take advantage of the refill fountains throughout the venue.

Bring a notepad and pen: What if you run into your childhood hero but don’t have anything with which they can give you an autograph?

Battery packs: Don’t get stuck with a dead battery on your phone.

Bring an extra bag within your bag: Between the amazing merch that you can buy and the freebies that are given out, you’ll probably walk away from AnimeCon with more than your backpack can carry. We recommend stashing a canvas bag within your main backpack that you can pull out when you’re running out of space. We don’t do plastic bags!

Bring snacks: Considering how often you’ll be waiting in line to get into exclusive panels and screenings, you do not want to waste time waiting in line to buy food. Pack some healthy snacks to munch on during the wait times instead.

Wear comfortable shoes. AnimeCon is a big show and you will have to do plenty of walking if you are going to see everything!

June can be hot: Bring some sunscreen and lots of water, if you're waiting in line outside it could be sunny, make sure you're protected. There is aircon at the NEC but you can never be too careful!

Be patient. Conventions can be loud, vibrant, busy places.  Have plenty of fun and remember to be patient.


Don’t leave your valuables, personal items, or purchases behind.

Don’t lose your badge. Put it in the same place when you take it off so you’re not hunting for it.

Don’t wear offensive t-shirts or anything that may make other people or AnimeCon staff want to ask you to leave.

Don’t take photos of cosplayers without permission. Be respectful.

Don’t rely just on your phone. You’ll waste charge, and WiFi can be slow.

Don’t forget to bring snacks!

Don’t push in on queues; be patient & be respectful of your fellow fans.

Don’t burn yourself out trying to be everywhere — take it slow.

Don’t harass cosplayers, they are people just like you.

Don’t forget your camera, there are plenty of sites to see and memories to capture.

Cosplay Guidelines

Everybody who wants to cosplay can cosplay! To give all of our visitors the opportunity to get involved we will be offering numerous cosplay activities and competitions throughout the festival for all skill levels! Beginner or expert, we offer activities for all!

Costumes must be appropriate to wear in public – if you can’t wear it out on your local street, you can’t wear it at AnimeCon. Cosplay, costumes, and apparel associated with far-right groups and organised hate groups are not allowed at the show.

Harassment of any kind is not welcome at the event. Any costume intended to harass, provoke, or intimidate isn’t allowed. Be respectful of all cosplayers.  Ask permission to take photographs first. AnimeCon UK is dedicated to providing a safe place where fans can celebrate fandom to its fullest.  We do not tolerate violence, mistreatment, or any type of harassment towards staff, exhibitors, guests, or attendees at any of our events.


Prop firearms are allowed only if they can’t be mistaken for real weapons. If it looks like a real gun, it cannot come into the event. Realistic prop guns must have their red caps in place. Prop weapons are allowed at the event if they’re made of cardboard, foam, or similar light material. Plastic and wooden prop weapons are generally OK but must be reviewed by our security team. Prop bows will be allowed providing they are unstrung. All arrows must have soft tips. No water guns, silly string, vuvuzelas, fire, cap guns, airsoft guns, or BB guns.

Crunchyroll has teamed up with AnimeCon UK this year.

Connecting anime and manga fans across 200+ countries and territories, Crunchyroll is coming to AnimeCon UK at the NEC Birmingham. With over 10 million subscribers, Crunchyroll has one of the largest collections of licensed anime in the world and serves the anime community across events, theatrical, games, consumer products, collectables, and manga publishing.

Championing the art and culture of Anime to a passionate community of fans around the world, together with AnimeCon UK, Crunchyroll is going to make this the must attend Otaku party in 2023 for the keen anime, K-pop and manga fans of the nation. With an extensive list of international guests and exhibitors across two legendary days, AnimeCon is centred around the anime, cosplay and manga obsessed. Fans will come and learn the day’s trending dance moves, see the UK’s best cosplay and get a sneak peek at the up and coming manga and anime.


Fandom Launches Official AnimeCon UK Wiki

AnimeCon UK joins forces with Fandom, the world’s largest fan platform, for one of the UK’s biggest pop culture gatherings. Debuting at the largest exhibition venue in the UK - the NEC - from Saturday 17th - Sunday 18th June, AnimeCon UK is the go-to event for the otaku generation of 2023. Fandom has over 350 million unique visitors each month and is home to more than 250,000 fan-powered communities with over 45 million pages of content across TV, movies, gaming, and more. The fan platform reaches 157 million anime fans globally and 8 million anime fans in the UK each month, making Fandom the perfect partner for the best showcase of Asian pop culture today. Explore the brand-new AnimeCon UK Wiki page here.

AnimeCon UK will boast an extensive list of international guests and exhibitors across two legendary days. Centered around the anime, cosplay and manga obsessed, come and learn the day’s trending dance moves, dress like your favourite k-pop idol and get the best skin care tips from Korea’s top-tier beauty influencers. The jam-packed schedule fills each vibrant corner with a dedicated artist alley, never-before-seen screenings and tailor-made panels featuring the world’s biggest creators.

The mammoth event has the chaotic energy of a music festival, the immense knowledge of experts at the height of their game, and a live arena filled with mega names from Asian pop culture’s most popular genres. There will be an extra special Fandom after-party for some extra lucky fans. The full list of performers, artists, gamers, streamers and manga masters is yet to be released.

“The anime market is currently worth over $25 billion and growing, with expectations valuing it will double before the end of the decade. Traffic to these communities on Fandom continues to climb, as interest in the anime sector broadens,” said Shaun Jordan, Vice President of Europe at Fandom. “Working with The Fanatics Group for the first Animecon event in the UK was a logical partnership that allows us to superserve our animefan base at this exciting fan-first event.”

The most hyped names in the pro cosplaying world Lanie, The Emberwolf and Fukuro, will appear beside free drawers like Mangalivepaint, who uses skateboards as their canvas, conceptual digital artist Joshua Dunlop, and intricate explosions from student artist Hugo Pang. Much more to come. For two days this summer, Asian pop culture fans will meet the voices behind the most popular anime characters of all time including Maile Flanagan, the English voice behind the iconic Naruto, for over twenty years. Also joining the event will be the English voice of Zenitsu from Demon Slayer: Zach Aguilar. Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Movie: Mugen Train is currently the top-grossing anime film of all time. To top it all off: the English voice from the hottest anime on the planet right now will join AnimeCon UK: Ryan Cold Levy - Denji from Chainsaw Man.

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Zach Aguilar Coming to AnimeCon UK


We are bringing vocal ‘chameleon’ Zach Aguilar to the NEC Birmingham. A voice actor of many hats, Zach has embodied all kinds of roles in the community including Aether from Genshin Impact, Tanjiro from Demon Slayer, Koichi from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, Genos from One Punch Man, and many more.



Saturday 17th June 2023

10:00am – 6:00pm

Saturday 17th June 2023
Flourescent Cosplay Ball
8:00pm – 11:00pm

Sunday 18th June 2023

10:00am – 6:00pm


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